Turbo Tax 2012 Cheap

Welcome to Turbo Tax 2012 Cheap, your online guide for Turbo Tax software and all things having to do 16436426145_4e765492cf_bwith online tax filing. At one point in time, as you can tell by the name, we were affiliate marketers for Intuit’s flagship online tax filing program, “Turbo Tax.” We helped sell that product for years, and we made some very good money doing so. As times changed, and people were buying the product directly from Intuit’s download center, found on their site, we saw our sales decline; and decided to shut down the marketing angle of this operation.

Instead, we decided to turn this website into a blog, and offer some insight into online tax filing. Listen, we made more than enough money selling Intuit‘s programs, and it’s time for us to give back in our own way – this is it. If you want to know a little more about how all this works, than make your way over to the article section in the menu, and you’ll get a better understanding of what what filing your taxes online means.

Filing your taxes online is only going to get easier; and thank goodness for that. The tax code is always being added to, and tampered with, and there is simply too much information to be using textbooks as a reference to help you file properly. Remember this about books, it usually takes about a year for a book to reach an audience after it’s been written. That means what may have worked when the book was originally written, may no longer be in effect by the time you start reading the book.

When a program is based off the cloud, it’s as real time as real time gets. Up-to-date information is online today, which means that’s where your tax preparation needs to be as well. We hope to be the bridge that takes you from filing in an old school manner, to the future of online filing – the cloud. Thanks for visiting our site, and we hope we provide you value.